Make A Blueberry Coffee Smoothie In Tangerang Selatan

Make A Blueberry Coffee Smoothie In Tangerang Selatan

Breakfast doesn't have to be heavy. As a result of what is needed is nutrition, not dignified food but not 'full'. AS a person who everyday skips breakfast, I am firmly helped by the display of many smoothie recipes a particular are easy to make, alluring and most importantly healthy and full of nutrients after all our bodies. And it turns down that there are also many smoothie recipes after all breakfast that use cappuccino as a mixture. Caffeine is considered to conclude a kicking aftermath which is able to achieve the energy that the battery really needs, especially in the morning.

So, a well known time Otten Coffee firmness share a smoothie recipe whose ingredients and how to cause it are really adequate and won't disturb your hectic aurora activities. Let's take a gun at the recipe below!

Required :

- double shots of espresso. You bowl use any architecture blend , although here I'm using Eastpresso construction blend from Otten Coffee

- 3 tablespoons frozen blueberries You accept to freeze the blueberries the date before

- 1 teaspoon of chia seeds

- 280 ml of almond juice or other milk confer to your taste

- ample honey if you like

- smoothie architect or blender

How to achieve :

1. Prepare all the program needed.

2. Then pour it anyone into a smoothie author or blender.

3. Let anybody the ingredients mix smoothly.

4. Drain into a serving cup.

5. And admit a great breakfast alongside this healthy smoothie to edge the day!

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